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About Us

About Luna International

Luna International has been leading the way with innovative designs in baby footwear (toddler shoes and infant shoes) and accessories for nearly 30 years. This website,, is our online shop.

Luna was established in 1982 in Ottawa. Started as a basement operation, Luna is now a leading industry organization that sets the benchmark for toddler footwear. Some of our clientele include: Some of our clientele include: Sears, The Bay, Toys “R” Us, Winners and many more.

Luna now serves the needs of its customers through its head offices in both Toronto and New York. Through this collaboration, Luna has been able to follow infant and toddler shoe trends in both Canada and the USA in order to provide its customers with the best step forward!

Luna’s ability to stay ahead of market trend is a result of placing the customer first. “Customer feedback is extremely important to us. After all, the company has grown to what it is today because of our loyal customer support” says president, Ali Vakili.

At Luna International “we are always trying to balance our flare for design for what the customers want to see next, and we often incorporate customer feedback into our designs”. This philosophy has worked very well for Luna, as many customer inspired designs have become best sellers.

As Luna makes strides into the 21st century, it anticipates establishing a stronger presence in both Canada and the USA by delivering the same timeless products that its customers have grown to love over the years. With established brands like Tender Toes, there’s good reason why our customers trust Luna with all their baby footwear needs.