If you are like most Toronto area parents, you will see that the baby shoe market is flooded with two different types of shoes: Velcro shoes and lace up shoes. Many parents love Velcro baby shoes thanks to their convenience, but many also like the traditional look of baby footwear that laces up. The truth is, there are pros and cons of both Velcro and lace up baby shoes, so in order to decide which style may be right for your child and your lifestyle, it is recommended that you learn a bit about the pros and cons of each style.

Velcro Baby Shoes

Many shoe styles are now focused on Velcro for good reason…these baby shoes are easy to get on and off for both parents and toddlers. With a quick movement of your hands, you can have Velcro baby and toddler shoes on and off with little effort. These shoes are ideal for many parents, especially those with more than one child, because older children can put their shoes on their feet by themselves. Velcro shoes are available in many different colors and styles and will look great with many different types of outfits. The one thing about Velcro that some parents don’t like, however, is that children who wear Velcro shoes will often have a difficult time learning to tie shoes as they get older and they won’t learn to tie shoes until well after other children.

Lace Up Shoes

Now that you know a bit about Velcro baby shoes, and why that may be a good choice for a busy Toronto parent, you should learn a bit about lace up baby and toddler shoes. You will typically find that lace up shoes are ideal for those who are interested in more options as there are many more lace up shoes out there than Velcro shoes. Another nice thing about lace up shoes is that kids who wear them will typically learn to tie sooner than their peers who wear a majority of Velcro or slip on shoes. However, there are certainly some considerations that you will want to keep in mind with lace up baby shoes. For instance, until children learn to tie shoes on their own, adults will need to keep a close eye on the laces. If they don’t, these shoes can certainly cause a tripping hazard, especially for younger children who are still learning to be steady on their feet. There are, however, ways that you can tie these shoes to eliminate them untying on their own.

So what’s better? Velcro or lace up shoes?