Even though summer is coming to a close, there are still plenty of warm days ahead. Thanks to Mother Nature, however, your child may be quickly growing out of the shoes you purchased for them earlier in the season. Never fear though, there are plenty of affordable baby shoes available online that are perfect for the rest of the warmer weather. However, before you go out and buy summer baby shoes, it is definitely recommended that you keep the following tips in mind.

Don’t Buy Open Toed Baby or Toddler Shoes

One of the best pieces of advice that parents need, especially when buying summery shoes for little girls, is to not buy open toed shoes. Toddlers and young children are just not great on their feet at this point and open toed shoes one an unsteady toddlers feet is a perfect storm for disaster. Not only can toddler shoes with open toes easily trip a child and make them fall, they are also raising the odds that your child will stub their toes…and that is never fun!

Make Sure Toddler Shoes Have a Closed Back, as Well

You should also make sure that you are buying toddler shoes with a closed back as well. You certainly won’t want your precious child slipping out of their shoes, as that can also be a recipe for a fall. It is best, when buying baby shoes for your child, to have closed toes and heels.

Consider Toddler Shoes that Stretch or Are Adjustable

Because toddlers can grow so quickly, you will want to look for shoes that can be adjusted or that will grow with your child. For instance, when buying formal baby shoes, Mary Jane type shoes may be a good option as they have a buckle that can be adjusted as your child’s foot gets larger. Non-skid toddler shoes may also be a great option for your child as they are similar to socks with a non-skid sole. This way, your child can wear them longer and they are a better value for your money.

Leather Baby Shoes Can be a Great Choice

Since you are looking for something lightweight during this time of year, leather baby shoes can be another wonderful choice.