Baby shoes can be major milestone in the development of your child. The first baby girl shoes purchased often become keepsakes that most parents will hold onto for the rest of their lives. When buying a new pair of infant shoes for your baby girl, there are some things you might want to consider to make sure you are choosing a cute yet affordable pair. Although your child might not be walking around right away, a quality pair of baby shoes will set them on the right track for success.

Choose The Right Size

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose baby shoes that will fit appropriately, but leave ample room for growth. Infants grow incredibly fast, sometimes growing through 4-5 shoe sizes in their first year of life alone. It’s okay to buy shoes that leave a little extra room, just make sure that you aren’t buying infant shoes that are so big that they slip off.

For the materials of the shoe, choose something soft like leather or rubber that keeps the foot warm but doesn’t restrict the development of the child’s foot. Rather than trying to deal with laces, instead shop around for shoes that have Velcro or buckles on the top. This is going to save you stress and frustration when try to put on your child’s baby shoes everyday. There are many quality and affordable rubber options that prevent slipping and provide ample protection against dangers that your baby girl might step on when she does begin to explore on her own.

Match Your Child’s Themes

Try and match the theme of the baby girl shoes to the general theme of her room or attire and make sure you select a neutral color. That way you can match the shoes to many different outfits without much conflict. By maintaining a common theme, your child will become accustomed to the decor and style because she will grow up to a certain age in that environment. That way when she obviously doesn’t remember her first pair of shoes, she might still remember the way her old room was painted, or a favorite animal character, and find some joy when you bring out the baby shoes to show her.

Buy From Reputable Online Retailers

Perhaps one of the best ways to purchase affordable baby girl shoes with a wide selection to choose from would be to shop with an online retailer. Companies like InfantsShoes.Ca have a wide selection of baby girl shoes to choose from at fantastic prices. Companies like this also work with some big name brands like Seas and ToysRUs.

Things like baby shoes are special products and can be tough to find in just any store. Those stores that do offer baby toddler shoes only stock a small selection of the same models. A baby’s shoes should be something original to your child, and you want to find a style and appearance unique to your child that can look back on fondly many years from now.