As summer begins to wind down, it will soon be time to abandon the sandals and bare feet that your child has no doubt been sporting and focus on something more practical for chilly evenings. Though we probably still have a few warm weeks left in Toronto, it can never hurt to be prepared for colder weather by stocking up on some affordable baby and toddler shoes. From cute Mary Jane type shoes to adorable and comfortable baby boots, you can find all of the most trendy and popular shoes for kids available now.

Baby Girl Shoes for Fall

For some parents, putting their little girl’s summer shoes away is a bittersweet experience, but fashion forward thinking mothers are soon being perked up by the thoughts of the new fall shoes that are available for their children. Some of the most popular shoes for fall for your baby girl are indeed, Mary Jane type shoes. You can find a wide range of these shoes for very affordable prices when you shop online. Some of the Mary Jane type baby shoes for girls that would be perfect for fall, especially for any fall formal occasions, like weddings, are the black patent shoes. No little girl should be without these on her feet!

Another choice for baby girls in the fall are leather shoes. Leather baby shoes are great for the fall because they are not only warm and snuggly for your baby’s feet, they are also extremely comfortable and very likely something that your child will want to keep on their feet.

Baby Boy Shoes for Fall

Don’t worry, the baby boys are not getting left out! There are plenty of baby boy shoes available for fall as well. Again, like with the girls, leather baby shoes are popular for the boys too. You will find a huge variety of leather shoes for boys when you shop online including those with cars, puppy dogs, sports and trucks. Your son will absolutely love his new shoes and you can feel confident that his feet are going to feel great inside of them.

Another wonderful choice for boys in the fall are indoor/outdoor skid proof shoes. These shoes are available in solid colors as well as in prints like dinosaurs, cars, turtles and even camouflage. These shoes, with non skid bottoms are perfect for little boys who are a bit rough in their play and who run around on potentially slippery surfaces. Though they may look similar to thick socks, there is definitely a sole that will keep your child on their feet.

You can find these, as well as many other options online for a very affordable price from Luna International. With a wide selection of baby girl and baby boy shoes that are perfect for the fall, there is no reason why you cannot start stocking up, today. Remember, if you are buying shoes with the plan on having them wear them through the winter, it is suggested to go a size larger as you know how quickly children grow out of shoes!