Are you the parent of a bouncing baby boy and looking for some shoes to add to his wardrobe? If so, there are many different types of baby boy shoes to choose from. When you shop at a Toronto based online store like, you will have your choice of baby boy shoes that will be perfect for any occasion. Here are some of the choices you will have when looking for baby or toddler shoes for your son:

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

One of the choices you will have for your son are soft leather baby shoes. These baby shoes have a lot of wonderful features and will be a perfect choice for your son if he is an infant to 2 years old. Some of the things that you will find about these shoes is that they have an elastic ankle, which means you can easily get the shoes on and off. In addition to this, leather baby shoes are also very soft and comfortable, which is important as you don’t want your son to have to wear anything that will bother his feet. You will also find that these shoes are very breathable and even have a soft non-skid sole for when he starts getting on his feet.

Skid Proof Baby and Toddler Shoes

Speaking of getting on his feet, in order to help your son stay on his feet, you will want to make sure that you consider buying skid proof shoes. These shoes are like socks and shoes in one. They come in a huge range of different colors and styles too, so no matter what your son likes, from cars to dinosaurs, you will be able to find the perfect shoes. These skid proof shoes are machine washable, breathable and comfortable, something that all parents will certainly appreciate.

Pre-Walker Shoes for Boys

In addition to those shoes listed above, you will also find pre-walker shoes for boys. These shoes are designed for children who are not quite walking yet, but who are right on the verge of doing so. You will find pre-walker shoes for boys with faux laces as well as Velcro, which can be chosen based on your personal preferences. Velcro shoes, and those with faux laces, will allow you to slip them on and off quite easily. These shoes are also available in a range of colors and styles including white sneakers, denim shoes, and christening shoes.

Dressy Shoes

Finally, you will also be able to shop for dressy shoes when you shop online at Here, you will find great styles for boys from black patent leather shoes with Velcro to white tie up shoes that are perfect for spring and summer occasions.

No matter what type of shoe you are looking for when shopping for your son, you will definitely have your choice of options when you choose to shop online at From soft soled infant shoes to several different types of dressy shoes for any occasion, find them all at