Do you know someone who is having a baby or recently had a child and you want to buy them a gift? Baby shoes are the perfect gift idea for the little arrival, especially because babies, just like many grownups, can never have too many shoes! Before buying baby shoes, however, make sure that you keep the following information in mind:

What Type of Shoe is Best for Newborns?

When it comes to buying baby shoes for newborns, you don’t need to get all fancy. Remember, for newborns, their shoes are mainly for looks as well as for keeping their feet warm, so extravagant shoes that cost a lot of money may not be appropriate. Parents are going to want to have shoes for their infants that are easy to get on and off and shoes that look good. They probably will quickly find that expensive name brand baby shoes just aren’t practical at this point in a young child’s life. What will likely happen is they will wear them one or two times, the parent will find that the shoes are too difficult to work with and throw them in a closet or bin. Booties and slip on shoes will probably be best when looking for newborn shoes.

Where Can I Find Shoes for Newborns?

You will have your choice of shopping in retail stores or online when it comes to buying newborn shoes. Generally you will find that you will have a much better selection, as well as price, when you shop for newborn shoes online. On top of that, you can specifically shop at retailers, like, who are experts in all things related to baby shoes.

I Need Help! I Have No Idea Which Baby Shoes are Best!

If you are unsure about which type of baby shoes are going to be the best choice, it is important not to panic. If you are close enough to the parents to buy shoes for their new infant, you probably know something about their personalities; use that as a guide. You should also, assuming you know the gender of the baby, buy something that is gender appropriate. If you are shopping at, we can help. For baby girls or baby boys with a casual, carefree parent, you may want to consider something like the soft leather baby shoes that we have in stock. These shoes are appropriate for newborns up to 24 months old and come in a variety of colors and designs. Another option, if the parents are more style conscious, is to choose something like our fur trimmed leather boots. They are perfect for the fashionista in all of us and will definitely be a great choice when you know a new parent is style conscious themselves.

You will also find non-skid shoes, dressy shoes and many accessories when you choose to shop at and everything is available at inexpensive prices. For a wonderful selection of baby shoes, browse