Now that spring has officially hit Toronto, according to the calendar, at least, it is time to think about spring shoes for your baby or toddler. There are many great spring baby shoes available for both boys and girls. Spring is all about renewal, gorgeous colors and comfort. You will find a huge range of baby girl shoes and baby boy shoes that are perfect for this upcoming season. Don’t wait until it’s too late and spring has passed. Order your spring baby shoes today!

Beautiful Baby Girl Shoes for Spring

Spring colors and styles were made for little girls. You will find a lot of beautiful pastel baby girl shoes out there that are sure to catch your eye. Leather baby shoes are a great option for spring. They are lightweight, but the leather in the shoes still help to keep their little baby feet warm when temperatures aren’t quite where we want them to be. Leather baby shoes for little girls are available in all types of spring colors and styles. For example, you may want to buy baby girl shoes made of leather that are pink with a cute little daisy on the side when you want to think spring. You may also consider soft leather baby shoes for girls that feature birds, flowers, butterflies, or even a cute little worm. After all, worms are synonymous with spring!

If you don’t like leather for your baby girl, there are other options as well. Dressy baby shoes for girls are also quite popular this time of year thanks to religious holidays like Easter and Passover. You can find gorgeous Mary Jane style shoes for girls as well as baby shoes for girls with a t-bar.

Boys Can Find Great Baby Shoes for Spring, Too!

Though baby boy shoes for spring are typically not as fancy as the baby girl shoes, you will still find wonderful choices out there. For example, when it comes to dressy shoes, baby boy shoes are available in colors like black, white and even grey. You will find that those colors will match just about anything that you dress your little man in for the spring, even for those holiday occasions.

Spring is a great time to get your baby outside, so it is important to find some great shoes for getting out and about. Pre-walkers are perfect for boys who are ready to explore the world after spending a long winter inside of the house. Pre-walker baby boy shoes also come in a range of colors and styles, including very cute denim shoes. As with the baby girl shoes listed above, you will also find baby boy shoes in leather as well. These leather baby shoes for boys are also available in a range of colors and designs including those that are perfect for spring. Some examples are brown shoes with cute little cars, shoes with baby animals like turtles or elephants and don’t forget the puppies and trains!

As you can see, there are many wonderful shoes for spring out there. All of the shoes listed above, as well as other options, are available from Luna International.