If you are new to the world of baby shoes, you may not be familiar with the wide range of options that are available. From newborn shoes for infants to toddler shoes for those children who are walking around and exploring their world, Toronto area parents have a wonderful selection of shoes to choose from. In order to really be an expert when it comes to baby and toddler shoes, you will need to start by learning about the different types of baby shoes that are available.

Soft Leather Baby Footwear

One of the most popular types of shoes for young children are soft leather shoes. These soft sole shoes are ideal for newborns and young babies, but can also be appropriate for toddlers and older children up to about 2 years old. These shoes are flexible, soft and comfortable and are made of breathable leather that will keep your child’s feet warm and cozy through the rough Toronto winter. They also feature an elasticized ankle for easy on and off, or have Velcro.

Skid Proof Baby and Toddler Shoes

As your child gets older and starts walking and toddling around, you will likely want to make sure that they have skid proof shoes to help them stay on their feet. The skid proof baby shoes that are sold by Infantshoes.ca are very similar to socks, and are actually like a sock and shoe in one piece. These shoes are made of highly breathable material which will keep your child’s feet cool, yet very cozy. You will also find that the bottoms are made of a super skid proof material with traction, so you never have to worry about slipping or sliding, even on floors that may not have a lot of traction themselves. Of course, these baby and toddler shoes are machine washable for your convenience.

Pre- Walker Shoes for Baby

You will also find a huge range of pre-walker shoes for babies and toddlers when you shop online at Infantshoes.ca. These shoes are ideal for those who are not totally on their feet yet, but getting to be about that age. Many of these shoes have non-skid bottoms, come in slip on, laced, or Velcro, and are available for both boys and girls. In addition to this, you will notice that baby boots are available as well, which gives you even more choices to choose from. You will find both casual and dressy styles when looking for pre-walker baby and toddler shoes.

Shopping online at Infantshoes.ca will give you the best selection of shoes for your baby. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for newborn shoes, leather shoes, dressy shoes or casual shoes, you will definitely find that Infantshoes.ca has all you need when it comes to baby footwear. With affordable prices and free shipping on orders over $75, you really can’t go wrong when shopping online for baby shoes in Toronto. Start browsing today and see what the site can offer for your baby.